Omg Jamie Foxx in the press tour is hilarious. Dane was more open and funny when he was with Dan. Is he just nervous?

probably, dane and dan are best friends, maybe he just isn’t as close with jamie to be more open.

happy birthday, b r o e g a n!

i know life hasn’t dealt you a fair hand recently, so i thought i’d try to make a little something to cheer you up. you’ve always been so thoughtful whenever i’m feeling down, and you’re such a caring, talented person, i know you’re gonna get through all of the bad stuff an come out of it all stronger, because i know that’s just the person you are. so yay happy birthday!!! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


a brief summary of the TASM 2 press tour (x)

Emma Stone for Vogue USA (May 2014)

Emma Stone for Vogue USA (May 2014)

I enjoyed it. I thought it was a big step up from the first movie. I thought the relationship between P/G was nicely developed and there was a particularly sweet scene with Aunt May. However, it did feel like the addition of Green Goblin was shoehorned in purely for THAT scene and the ending is rather rushed. All the same, I think the scene was beautifully done (Andrew's reaction is heartbreaking) and the movie does do justice to the spirit of Spidey. Can't wait for you to see it :)

awesome, thanks for sharing!

wardowedidit replied to your post:in that gifset you made, jesse looks more like andrew’s significant other rather than emma
i love that we (i) have dragged sandra into this completely and she has no idea as of yet

boy is she in for a treat

in that gifset you made, jesse looks more like andrew's significant other rather than emma

that’s bc he was

Is that seriously even a rumor? About Laura Dern. She's like 17 years older than him and doesn't she play his mom? He isn't allowed to have any female friends without people saying he's cheating? Wow

it’s 100% serious. people were freaking out when he went shopping with her. “omg where’s emma omg what’s happening who is that woman”

The other anon got the rumor mixed up. Andrew is cheating on Emma with Michael Dorn. Who wouldn't spend quality time with Worf?

see now that’s more like andrew

What do you think about the rumors that Andrew is cheating on Emma with Laura Dern?





seriously though look at him in the moviefone interview he's gonna break all over the place in snl

i love how you followed that with “publish that, spread the pain and anticipation”


I always felt like Emma is the female version of Jesse and Jesse is Emma and that's more proof tbh

wow this is painful